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A review of this section will help prepare for those frustrating oddities. Light dark this horde doesn t have any particular weaknesses and they can heal themselves a lot using diarama.

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You ll reach this terminal near the end of the main quest find the military base lv23 pixie horde null.

Find the military base shin megami tensei walkthroungh. The objective is to find the counter demon force base somewhere. Shin megami tensei iv. Hunt for the.

Isis search for the coffin. Northeast of the tower is a chest containing a chakra pot. A look at the two dialogue options given to you in the conversation that occurs after you complete the find the military base challenge quest.

Peallaidh extermination is a sort of side quest of find the military base even though it s part of the main quests you can obtain it from the cold man at the hunter s association in the ueno. Find the military base is a main quest that will branch off of capture the black samurai it will start right after entering tokyo. To be able to use this terminal you have to defeat the demons that created a domain in the terminal.

Ueno quest cleanup 1. Just to the left of there look up and climb the ladder. There are several locations and items to be collected in the area.

Now head back down and east and north. Finding the counter demon force base. This section will cover the primary and derived character statistics the two different exploration modes and their differing gameplay controls main menu functions.

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We find the military base and learn more about the appearance of the black samurai. From the tower go southeast to find another chest with balm of rising at the end of a wide highway. You should see some wormwood near the stairwell.

From there head north a bit to find a chest by the river containing a dx incense. Find the military base part 2 19. At the top go west to find a 1 star leisure relic.

As befits an older snes rpg shin megami tensei has a few gameplay quirks that may cause some frustration. Return down stairs then head further down. Find the military base part 1 17.

Break it down and head north and west to the end of the path to find a lu incense. Return to basement level one then head to the far southwest portion of the building to reference point 1 and go up the stairs to the first floor. Go north one space then turn west and head up the.

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